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Key to Faculty Affiliations Key to Disciplines
UMCES University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science PO Physical Oceanography
     CA Center Administration CO Chemical Oceanography
    CBL Chesapeake Biological Laboratory BO Biological Oceanography
    HPL Horn Point Laboratory FO Fisheries Oceanography
 UMBC University of Maryland Baltimore County MB Marine Biotechnology
 UMBI University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute MG Marine Geology
 UMCP University of Maryland College Park CS Climate Science

Robert Anderson UMCES - CBL BO, MB Immunology; toxicology of organic pollutants; cellular and immune responses of invertebrate organic toxins; carcinogenicity of environmental pollutants
Andrew Baldwin UMCP Biological Resources Engineering BO, CS Wetland ecology; plant community dynamics of coastal marshes and mangroves; disturbance and regeneration ecology of wetland vegetation; wetland seed banks; influence of sea level rise on wetlands; community and ecosystem processes of created and restored wetlands; nutrient effects on wetland plant communities
Joaquim Ballabrera UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Ocean data assimilation
Neil Blough UMCP Chemistry and Biochemistry CO Photochemical and free radical reactions in the environment including the role of metals and metal-organic complexes in these processes; development of molecular probes to examine these processes in biological and environmental systems
Donald Boesch UMCES - CA BO, CS Marine and estuarine ecology; benthic communities and sediment dynamics; marine pollution; marine policy; environmental and natural resources management; science-management interactions
William Boicourt UMCES - HPL BO Physical oceanography; shelf and estuarine circulation; plankton transport; instrumentation
Walter Boynton UMCES - CBL BO Environmental/sanitary engineering; systems ecology; materials budgets and nutrient cycling in estuarine systems; food web studies
Brian Bradley UMBC - BIOL BO, MB Zooplankton physiology and genetics, environmental molecular biology, temperature/salinity stress
Kaye Brubaker UMCP Engineering PO Physical hydrology; numerical modeling; stream and estuary water-quality modeling; water vapor transport; hydroclimatology; land-atmosphere interactions
Antonio Busalacchi UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Ocean remote sensing, tropical climate variability
James Carton UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Physical oceanography; tropical oceanography; ocean modeling; atmosphere/ocean interactions
Shenn-Yu Chao UMCES - HPL PO Physical oceanography; continental shelf processes; western boundary current dynamics; lower atmosphere circulations; estuarine circulations; numerical modeling of mesoscale processes in the ocean
Feng Chen UMBI BO, MB Bacterio- and phyto-plankton production, biomass and growth in aquatic environments; ecological interaction among marine viruses, bacteria and phytoplankton; genetic diversity of microorganisms in marine environments; phylogenetic relationship and co-evolution among marine microorganisms
Gennady Chepurin UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO Data analysis, data assimilation
Louis Codispoti UMCES - HPL CO, PO, CS Arctic Ocean processes, nutrient and carbon budgets, descriptive physical oceanography, coastal upwelling and chemical oceanographic instrumentation
Victoria Coles UMCES - HPL PO, BO, CS Observation and modeling of large scale ocean circulation, bio-geo-chemical tracer distributions
Lee Cooper UMCES - CBL CO, BO Environmental Chemistry/Toxicology
Jeffrey Cornwell UMCES - HPL CO, MG Chemical oceanography; sediment biogeochemistry; nutrient, metal, and sulfur cycling in estuaries and wetlands
Thomas Cronin UMBC - BIOL BO . Visual physiology of invertebrates, especially of marine and estuarine crustaceans.
Byron Crump UMCES - HPL BO, MB Linking the composition and activity of natural microbial communities to the physical composition, biogeochemical processes, and food web structure of planktonic and benthic ecosystems
William Dennison UMCES - CA BO, CS Interactions of environmental factors and plant productivity; marine ecology of the coastal ocean; seagrass, mangrove and coral ecophysiology; bioindicators of eutrophication in nearshore environments
Russell Dickerson UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CO Surface air fluxes, air chemistry
Bruce Doddridge UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CO Surface air fluxes, air chemistry
Thomas Fisher UMCES - HPL BO, CO CNP biogeochemistry and primary production in aquatic systems; nutrient inputs to aquatic systems from terrestrial and atmospheric sources
Patricia Glibert UMCES - HPL BO Biological oceanography; ecology of phytoplankton in coastal and oceanic environments; transformations and fate of nitrogen in marine and estuarine systems; control of nitrogen cycling; primary productivity and its regulation by environmental factors; growth and physiology of marine cyanobacteria
Lawrence Harding UMCES - HPL BO, CS Biological oceanography; phytoplankton physiology and ecology; marine biochemistry; estuarine and coastal processes; ocean remote sensing
Rodger Harvey UMCES - CBL CO, BO, CS Organic geochemistry and biogeochemistry; sources and fate of organic compounds in aquatic environments; cycling of lipids through the marine food web
Russell Hill COMB BO, MB Marine microbial ecology; molecular characterization of microbial communities; bioactive compounds from marine bacteria; microbial symbionts of sponges and other marine invertebrates
Raleigh Hood UMCES - HPL BO Phytoplankton production and light response; modeling of primary production and pelagic ecosystems; phytoplankton physiology; bio-optical oceanography
Edward Houde UMCES - CBL FO, BO, CS Fisheries science, oceanography, and management; larval fish ecology; resource assessment
Anwar Huq UMBI MB Transmission of aquatic bacterial pathogens, their molecular ecology and direct detection, using sensing and aerospace technology; development and optimization of rapid detection of aquatic pathogens, using molecular and immunological methods, and application of these methods in the field
Menglin Jin UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO SST retrievals
Eugenia Kalnay UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO Dynamics, data assimilation
Todd Kana UMCES - HPL BO Biological oceanography; algal and plant physiological ecology; regulation of photosynthesis and respiration; oxygen cycling in marine systems; applications of mass spectrometry
Michael Kearney UMCP Geography MG, CS Quaternary and coastal geology; pollen-analytical investigations of tidal marsh sediments in Chesapeake Bay; barrier islands; estuarine sedimentation
Michael Kemp UMCES - HPL BO Systems ecology; ecosystem modeling; ecosystem production and respiration; trophic structure and ecosystem energetics; seagrass ecology; sediment nitrogen cycling
Victor Kennedy UMCES - HPL BO, CS Marine ecology; reproduction, physiological ecology, and behavior of aquatic benthic organisms, emphasizing bivalves and their larvae; effects of global change
Dennis King UMCES - CBL BO, CS Environmental Economics; ecological economics, ecosystem restoration, ecosystem valuation
Evamaria Koch UMCES - HPL BO, PO Hydrodynamically-mediated processes in marine macrophyte systems, especially seagrasses; global seagrass monitoring (SeagrassNet); the effect of global change on coastal plant communities with a focus on sea-level rise/coastal erosion, increased ultraviolet radiation, and elevated CO2.
Ming Li UMCES - HPL PO Physical oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, ocean mixing processes, numerical ocean modeling, biological/physical interactions and marine pollution
Thomas Malone UMCES - HPL BO Biological phytoplankton ecology; nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems, role of science in developing marine policy
Thomas Miller UMCES - CBL FO, BO Fisheries ecology, life history, feeding and recruitment in fishes, quantitative methods in ecology, physical-biological interactions
Carys Mitchelmore UMCES - CBL BO, MB Investigating molecular, biochemical and cellular responses of aquatic organisms to inorganic and organic pollutants; determining species-specificity; biochemical pathways and toxic effects; applying and developing novel biomarkers to existing and emerging environmental problems
Raghurum Murtugudde UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, BO, CS Tropical climate, giogeochemical cycles
Roger Newell UMCES - HPL BO Marine ecology and physiology; adaptive physiology of aquatic invertebrates
Sumant Nigam UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Climate dynamics, data analysis
Elizabeth North UMCES - HPL PO, BO, FO, CS Biological-physical interactions: hydrodynamic and particle trajectory modeling, ichthyoplankton and zooplankton ecology, estuarine physical oceanography, fisheries recruitment variability.
Judith O'Neil UMCES - HPL BO Cyanobacteria ecophysiology and plankton trophodynamics
Cindy Palinkas UMCES - HPL MG, CS Continental-margin sedimentation; formation and preservation of sedimentary strata in the geological record; deposition and accumulation of fluvial sediment in the coastal ocean.
Margaret Palmer UMCES - CBL BO, CS Aquatic ecology; stream and estuarine ecology; hydrodynamics; meiofaunal ecology
Kennedy Paynter UMCES - CBL BO Molluscan physiology; oyster disease physiology; oyster restoration; oyster reef ecology
Allen Place UMBI BO Biochemistry; biochemical adaptations in marine organisms, especially in sea birds, fish, and marine invertebrates
Karen Prestegaard UMCP Geology MG Watershed and wetland hydrology; sediment transport mechanisms
Marjorie Reaka-Kudla UMCP Biology BO Marine ecology; coral reef ecology; bioerosion of coral reefs; ecology of infaunal animals
Michael Roman UMCES - HPL BO, CS Biological oceanography; zooplankton ecology
Eugene Rasmusson UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Climate dynamics, data analysis
Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Climate dynamics
Lawrence Sanford UMCES - HPL PO, MG Coastal and estuarine physical oceanography; fine sediment transport mechanics; geophysical boundary layers, turbulence, surface and internal waves
Johan Schijf UMCES - CBL CO Biogeochemical processes that control the cycling of a variety of trace metals in natural waters
David Secor UMCES - CBL FO Fisheries ecology, demographics, migration, anadromous fishes, fisheries enhancement
Eugene Small UMCP Biology BO Estuarine and marine protozoology; systematics, phylogeny, comparative ultrastructure, life history of Chesapeake Bay ciliated protozoa
Kevin Sowers UMBI BO, MB Anaerobic microbiology; regulation of gene expression in methane-producing Archaea; anaerobic bioremediation in the marine environment
Court Stevenson UMCES - HPL BO, CS Wetlands ecology; dynamics of seagrass and submersed aquatic vegetation, non point source pollution impacts on water quality, impacts of global change on coastal ecosystems
Diane Stoecker UMCES - HPL BO Feeding, growth and physiological adaptations of marine protists; role of heterotrophic and mixotrophic protists in food webs of estuarine, coastal, oceanic, and ice-covered waters
Marcelino Suzuki UMCES - CBL BO, MB Aquatic microbial ecology, microbial oceanography,application of molecular techniques to the study of diversity and function of aquatic microbial communities. Gene expression in the environment. molecular phylogenetics. Photoheterotrophy
Mario Tamburri UMCES - CBL BO Coastal sensor technologies; Chemical ecology of aquatic organisms; Non-native species; Larval settlement and recruitment
Robert E. Ulanowicz UMCES - CBL BO Analysis of ecological networks; information theory in ecology; theory of organization; thermodynamical ecology
B. Mete Uz UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, BO Coupling and feedbacks between physical and biological systems, air-sea interaction, remote sensing, autonomous in situ measurements for interdisciplinary oceanography
Roxana Wajsowicz UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO Geophysical fluid dynamics
Ronald Weiner UMCP Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics MB Microbiology; morphogenesis of marine procaryotes; shellfish-bacterial interactions; bioconcentration of toxic chemicals by microbial biofilms
Claire Welty UMBC - BIOL BO Contributing to fundamental understanding of transport processes in aquifers;Mathematical modeling of groundwater flow and transport in porous and fractured media;Application of stochastic methods to interpreting groundwater problems;Design and analysis of field-scale hydraulic and tracer tests
Michael Wilberg UMCES - CBL FO, BO Improving fisheries management by applying population dynamics theory and quantitative methods to support sustainable fisheries management.
David Wright UMCES - CBL CO Comparative physiology; effects of inorganic pollutants of marine and estuarine organisms; biotoxicity assays
Da-Lin Zhang UMCP
Atmos. & Oceanic. Sci.
PO, CS Mesoscale meteorology, hurricanes, air-sea fluxes
Yonathan Zohar UMBI FO, MB Fish physiology, aquaculture and endocrinology; environmental and hormonal regulation of fish reproductive cycles, spawning induction technologies, drug delivery in aquaculture, molecular biotechnology  
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